Sunday, 26 September 2010

Hangul: Basic Phrases...

USually, when one tries to learn a new language, he or she starts to learn with the alphabet. But we're not going to apply that here. What would you do if you know how to read the Korean text but don't understand it? it's no use. So we'll start with basic Korean phrases.

FAMILY MEMBERS...(in Korean)

Older Woman - 아주머니 - ajumni (aunt) [Polite]

Older Woman - 아줌마 - ajumma (auntie) [Less Polite]

Older Man - 아저씨 - ajussi (Uncle)

Elderly Woman - 할머니 - hal muh ni (Grandmother) [Polite]

Elderly Man - 할아버지 - hara buh ji (Grandpa) [Less Polite]

Father - 아버지 - ah buh ji

Father in law - 시아버지 - shi ah buh ji

Father in law - 장인어른 - jang in uh reun

Dad - 아빠 - appa [Informal]

Mum - 엄마 - umma

Mother - 어머니 - uh muh ni

Mother in law - 시어머니 - shi uh muh ni

Mother in law - 장모님 - jang mo nim

Siblings - 손위 형제 자매

Older Sister - 언니 - unni (If the speaker is female)

Older Brother - 오빠 - oppa (If the speaker is female)

Older Sister - 누나 - nuna (If the speaker is male)

Older Brother - 형 - hyung (If the speaker is male)

Younger Sibling - 동생 - dong saeng (Regardless of speaker's gender)

---if you have questions...i'll be here to answer them^^


  1. This is great!! With the romanization break up and hangul text. I knew about just twenty words but this is really helpful.

  2. i realy wanna learn,,this so helpful